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Date:           Friday, 5 Aug 2005 09:50:59 -0500
Subject:        New Book of Interest

Subscribers to this list may find the following book of interest:

Printing and Parenting in Early Modern England
Edited by Douglas A. Brooks, Associate Professor of English at Texas A&M

The relation between procreation and authorship, between reproduction
and publication, has a long history. In this volume, renowned scholars
persuasively demonstrate that during the early modern period, the
awkward, incomplete transition from manuscript to print brought on by
the invention of the printing press temporarily exposed and disturbed
the epistemic foundations of English culture. As a result, the
discursive field of parenting was profoundly transformed. These essays
necessarily bring together two of the most vital critical paradigms
available to scholars today: gender studies and the history of the book.
Not only does this rare interdisciplinary coupling generate fresh and
exciting insights into the literary and cultural production of the early
modern period but it also greatly enriches the two critical paradigms

Contributors: Douglas A. Brooks, Margreta de Grazia, Ann Thompson, John
O. Thompson, Katharine Eisaman Maus, Lynne Dickson Bruckner, David Lee
Miller, James A. Knapp, Maria Teresa Micaela Prendergast, Michael Baird
Saenger, Aaron W. Kitch, Bianca F. C. Calabresi, Stephen Orgel, Cyndia
Susan Clegg, Howard Marchitello, Laurie E. Maguire, Mark Rose, Judith
Roof and Jennifer Wynne Hellwarth.

'The focus of this rich collection of essays on paternity, procreation,
and print allows the contributors to concentrate on and relate a variety
of important sociocultural issues and topics ... Part of a new wave of
scholarship on the history of the book, these chapters broaden the
cultural and historical scope of the inquiry, questioning some of the
assumptions of such work and adding important nuances that deepen our
understanding of the relationship of technological to epistemic and
cultural change.'
Arthur F. Marotti, Professor of English, Wayne State University

'Printing and Parenting is a wonderfully rich and varied collection,
combining sophisticated theoretical work on gender and generation with
detailed historical analyses of print culture in early modern England.
It opens up exciting new avenues of inquiry on the relations between
ideology and material practices.'
Peter Stallybrass, Annenberg Professor of the Humanities, University of

Hardback        July 2005        

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