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From:           Allen Michie <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 30 Jun 2005 16:11:14 -0500
Subject:        Harriett Hawkins Festschrift

It is with great pleasure that Eric Buckley and I announce the
publication of our new collection from U. Delaware Press, Style: Essays
on Renaissance and Restoration Literature and Culture in Memory of
Harriett Hawkins.  Many of you may remember the many contributions to
Shakespeare scholarship made by Harriett Hawkins during her long and
productive career at Vassar College and Oxford University, and her
colleagues, students, and family joined together to produce this
affectionate festschrift in her honor.

While the range of essays is broad and interdisciplinary, the focus is
on questions of how "style" can be a fertile juncture of literature,
culture, politics, fashion, history, science, theology, and genre. Taken
together, the essays point to the Renaissance and Restoration as two
periods that find unity in underlying assumptions about the value of
individual expression and the high stakes of aesthetic debate for
transcending matters of transient fashion and tradition-bound genres.

The full table of contents is listed below, but of particular interest
to members of the Shakespeare listserv might be the following:
* Arthur Kinney's appreciation of Harriett Hawkins' contributions to
Shakespeare scholarship
* Linda Woodbridge's study of the rhetoric of magic and spell casting in
Shakespeare's plays
* Maurice Charney's essay on the simplicity and complexity of
Shakespeare's poetic and dramatic eloquence
* Richard Levin's comprehensive mapping of Hamlet's soliloquies
* Terence Hawke's skewering of "The Prince's Choice," a compilation of
Shakespeare excerpts chosed and introduced by Charles, Prince of Wales

To find out more, or to order a copy, please visit the U. Delaware Press
website for the book:
Style: Essays on Renaissance and Restoration Literature and Culture

Thanks, and if you are willing, please pass along this information to
your purchasing librarians and interested colleagues.

--Allen Michie

Complete table of contents:
Dedicatory Poem: "To a T" by David Norbrook

Part One: The Style of Scholarship and a Scholarship of Style: a Tribute
to Harriett Hawkins
Harriett Hawkins: a Bibliography
"Harriett Hawkins' Renaissance" - ARTHUR KINNEY
"Harriett Hawkins and the Criticism of the 1970s: Interpretation,
Theory, and Iconoclasm" - ROBERT MARKLEY
"A Literary Deadlock: the Destruction of the 'Bower of Bliss' in
Spenser's The Faerie Queene" - HARRIETT HAWKINS
"The Seductions of Comus" - HARRIETT HAWKINS

Part Two: Single Authors and Singular Styles
"Henry Vaughan's Poetry: Pointful Vagueness and the Merging of
Contraries" - JOHN CAREY
"Shakespeare and Magical Grammar" - LINDA WOODBRIDGE
"Shakespeare's Eloquence" - MAURICE CHARNEY
"Hamlet's Dramatic Soliloquies" - RICHARD LEVIN
"Denzil Holles and the Stylistic Development of the Early English
"'New Philosophy Calls All in Doubt: Chaos Theory and the Fractal
Poetics of John Donne" - ALLEN MICHIE

Part Three: Fashion, Culture, and Politics
"'An artificiall following of nature': Dryden, Etherege, and the
Perfection of Art" - MICHAEL NEILL
"Discourses on Health and Leisure and Modern Constructions of Holidays
at the Restoration Spa" - MANUEL J. G 

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