The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 17.0777  Friday, 8 September 2006

From: 		Gabriel Egan <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 		Friday, 8 Sep 2006 08:58:01 +0100
Subject: 17.0772 Movie Stills
Comment: 	Re: SHK 17.0772 Movie Stills

Chris Baker writes:

>I'd appreciate knowing the best source(s)
>for movie stills of Shakespeare plays.

Rip the DVD of the film to your hard drive, storing it in MPEG format. 
There's DVD-ripper software available all over the Internet; choose one 
with a free trial period and make sure it works on your system before 
paying for a licence.

Using video-editing software (Windows MovieMaker, which comes free with 
Windows XP is good enough) 'capture' the moment you want for your still. 
In MovieMaker, the term to search for in the help system is 'taking 

If you make lots of money from these images, you might be asked by the 
owners of rights to the film for a fee. If you don't make lots of money 
(say, you use the images in an educational way) then you've nothing to 
worry about. Some SHAKSPERians might try to frighten you about the 
liabilities they'll allege you are opening yourself to. Ask them to 
identify a single case of someone getting into trouble for doing the above 
in an educational context and these doomsayers usually stop their idiotic 

You can tell the really stupid ones: they open their comments with 'My 
wife/husband/cousin is a lawyer and she/he says that you'll be taken to 
the cleaners by Miramax/Castle Rock if you follow Egan's advice'. I hereby 
personally indemnify against all financial losses from copyright lawsuits 
anyone who follows my advice.

Gabriel Egan

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