The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 18.0171 Friday, 2 March 2007

From: 		Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 		Thursday, 1 Mar 2007 15:19:31 -0500
Subject: SHAKSPER Roundtable: Presentism
Comment: 	SHK 18.0170 SHAKSPER Roundtable: Presentism

Dear SHAKSPEReans,

Several members have written to me, reporting that they have NOT been 
receiving some or all the Roundtable digests.

I suspect that in some cases the problem might be a default setting in 
the program used to read e-mail. These programs do not accept messages 
that exceed a certain number of characters, and many of the Roundtable 
digests have been considerably long.

If you did not received the digest from yesterday -- SHK 18.0170 
SHAKSPER Roundtable: Presentism -- please check if you have such a 
default in your browser and change that default to "no limit" or to a 
much higher number of characters or words.

I hope that this procedure will fix the problem in the future. If not, 
your ISP or university account might have such a limit, and you should 
inquire with technical support to see if you can have your threshold 

Hardy M. Cook

PS: Another issue is that some have written to me mailing from another 
member without explanation. If you are copying a message to another 
member, please clearly indicate that this is the case.

The following is the opening of the Roundtable digest of yesterday.

This week's Roundtable includes eight posts: brief comments from new 
contributors Edmund Taft (on the "newness" question) and Linda Charnes 
(on definitions and labels), and a longer ones from new contributors 
Alan Dessen (from the point of view of a theatrical historian trying to 
discover stage practices of past theaters) and from Neema Parvini (who 
challenges Presentist critics and others to undertake a renewed interest 
in theory by questioning many of the assumptions inherited by critics 
from the writings of Foucault and Althusser.  In addition previous 
contributor Michael Luskin takes up in detail the issue about 
historically "authentic" musical performances while Larry Weiss, Louis 
Swilley, and Hardy Cook revisit issues discussed in previous 
Roundtables-problems of using critical labels (Weiss and Cook), and the 
issue of "timeless" moral content in great works of art (Swilley).

Your moderator feels he has had his say in plus and overplus over the 
last few weeks and happily will yield the floor to the many readers of 
these posts who might wish to respond to them. Therefore, I am omitting 
this week a commentary (except for two factual notes on the posts by 
Taft and Luskin) in the hope of bringing forth more from readers. I ask 
only that contributors adhere to norms of ordinary civility and to have 
a point (or points) expressed clearly. -Hugh Grady

[ . . . ]

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