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From: 		John V. Knapp <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 		Wednesday, 19 Sep 2007 12:30:48 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: 	CFP: Authorial Intention in Dramatic Literature, for *Style*

Hardy, and Michael, R.A., Larry, David, Alan, John, and SHAKSPER members -

I have followed the "Authorial Intention" thread with considerable 
interest since the issues surrounding authorial intent have been a major 
topic of conversation for several decades now for those working with 
narratives.  However, this issue has not been discussed as widely nor in 
quite the same way for those working with the drama, although many of 
you reference those writers whose thinking about such issues have become 
basic required reading in criticism of narrative (Booth; Chatman, Cohen; 
Rabinowitz; Fludernik; Phelan, etc etc).

I think the readers of STYLE would be very interested in reading a 
special issue on authorial intent in drama. As such, I would like to 
issue a Call for Papers (CFP) that could grow out of any round-table 
conversations (suitable edited, of course) about authorial intent in 
dramatic literature, especially primarily concerning major authors like 
Shakespeare, Marlow, Chekhov, etc.  What might begin as an extended 
argument in the round-table could then get developed into full-blown 
mini-essay exchanges, gathered in one issue of STYLE.

Hardy: if this appears of interest to you, please write (back-channel) 
back to me and suggest one or more qualified (in drama and, to some 
extent in narratology) guest editors who might be willing to take charge 
of this issue.  If this CFP conflicts with any plans YOU may have had 
for the round-table, I will gracefully withdraw my suggestion.  However, 
if you agree that it is a good idea, then the round-table and the 
special issue could have a synergistic effect.

I look forward to hearing from you,

[Editor's Note:

I am constantly looking for interesting ways that SHAKSPER can make 
contributions to the academic community. Consequently, a collaboration 
such as the one John Knapp suggests here fascinates me.

This sort of collaboration could occur as the result of a number of 
different structures. John, I believe, is suggesting here that essays 
for publication in STYLE might grow out of a Roundtable-style discussion 
on SHAKSPER; in this scenario, interested participants would develop 
their ideas through exchanges during the Roundtable and then edit those 
ideas into essays for consideration for print publication in the journal 
STYLE. For this to happen, John and I would need a guest editor who, as 
I see it, would moderate the Roundtable and then edit the special issue 
of STYLE. Guest editing the journal issue might be the incentive that 
would entice someone to step forward to moderate the Roundtable.

John notes above that "issues surrounding authorial intent have been a 
major topic of conversation for several decades now for those working 
with narratives"; my question is what would be the most effective 
position for the guest editor to situate in the spectrum of opinions 
about authorial intention? Would we want an "intentionalist" or a 
"post-structuralist"? Here I am somewhat out of my element, 
narratology's not being an area with which I am particularly conversant.

Therefore, why don't we begin with an invitation to the membership to 
respond to John's initial idea for establishing a structure out of which 
a special issue of STYLE might be generated.

Let us begin by my requesting private message. In these, you can offer 
any responses that occur to you. I would especially welcome ideas about 
mechanisms by which the ideas that would be the basis of subsequent 
essays could be generated. Also, if you have a special interest in 
narratology or "authorial intention" and would be interested in playing 
a significant role in this proposed enterprise (such as Roundtable 
Moderator or Issue Guest Editor), let me know. I will gather responses 
and share them with John, and together he and I will make an effort to 
realize John's vision for a collaboration between SHAKSPER and STYLE.


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