The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 19.0488  Wednesday, 20 August 2008

From:       James McGuire <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:       Monday, 18 Aug 2008 21:07:58 -0400
Subject:    The Crystals' Shakespeare's Words Website

Dr. Cook,

Thank you for telling us of the Crystals' website, Shakespeare's Words. I am 
delighted to know of its existence and that it is available non-subscription. I 
visited the site immediately after reading your e-mailed post about it, and 
entered a couple of phrases, aqua vitae and football player, in the general 
search pane. I was eager to learn of other locations of the phrases than the 
ones I know. I was surprised to find that the search engine found only two 
locations of the former, and none of the latter. I then tried the site's 
glossary, which yielded four locations for aqua vitae, but still none for 
football player, which we know is in King Lear 1.4.85. Perhaps the site searches 
only certain sources, e.g. Folio but not Quarto, or doesn't include what may be 
considered variant or disputed texts. I do not know the authors' word-selection 
policy. Perhaps the site is a work in progress, or, being a human endeavor, is 
subject to oversight. I am grateful for the work the Crystals have offered us, 
and I am in no way finding fault with it. My observations are intended as 
constructive. Perhaps, if indeed the site is a work in progress, we will someday 
find in it the location of every desired word and phrase. In the meantime, do 
you think the Crystals would be open to additions that readers may suggest?

James McGuire  MAH
University of Akron
Akron, OH

[Editor's Note: I am terribly busy at this moment. I am not sure, but I believe 
I recall that the site had a link to the developers who would be the first 
persons to contact. -HMC]

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