The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 20.0055  Saturday,  7 February 2009

From:       Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:       Saturday, February 07, 2009
Subject:    Just One of Those Days, Weeks, Months . . .

Dear SHAKSPEReans,

As some of you undoubtedly have noticed, I have times at which I feel 
that everything that can go wrong will.

With that thought in mind, I have for many, many months now been 
building what I consider my "Dream" PC, a PC with components and 
software constructed to work at speeds and reliability rivaling any 
other platform, excepting supercomputers buried in secure underground 
chambers in Switzerland or mountains in Colorado. Well, this is a dream, 
skeptics out there.

With the exception of installing several dozens remaining programs, I 
was preparing early last week to put the finishing touch in place by 
installing a multiple, internal card reader with four more USB ports and 
another FireWire port after purchasing and rejecting several similar 
5.25" cards.

Everything was ready; my son-in-law, Bill, and I had checked and 
re-checked that all of the cables were properly connected to the 
motherboard; more than a year's worth of planning, purchasing each 
device individually, assembling, checking, reassembling, mixing, 
matching, plugging, unplugging, we were ready; Bill plugged in the power 
cable and I pushed the start button and we were greeted with smoke 
shooting forth from the second of the four new USB ports, accessible 
from the front of this gorgeous, shiny . . .

Hours and hours of testing and retesting confirmed that we had done the 
virtually impossible, fried a gaming motherboard, an ASUS Crosshair that 
was designed for abuse by the most zealous of over-clockers.

I searched the Internet, eventually locating what I hope is an identical 
or nearly identical replacement for the motherboard that a year ago was 
the best in its class and now is surpassed by the bigger and better, the 
faster and the more effective, yet another lesson in obedience and the 
futility of striving for the best of its kind. I learned that by the 
time I finish an Internet search, something better will be out there.

Readers must be trying to imagine what purpose there is for this 
Sisyphustic narrative of despair. Well . . .

I am trying to explain, yet another interruption in the flow of SHAKSPER 

I recently saw a PBS documentary series on American humor. In it, Billy 
Crystal quotes from Mel Brooks: "When I cut my finger, it's a tragedy. 
When you fall down a manhole and die, it's comedy."

I hope my most recent slip on a banana peel, explains and perhaps 
entertains a little until fix my latest technical glitch and regain 
access to the files on my hard drive (1.81 TB RAID configuration with . . .


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