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Subject:    NEXT ISSUE OF Early Theatre 12.1

Early Theatre 12.1 (June 2009)



The Rise of Commercial Playing in 1540s London 

David Kathman

Dekker's Accession Pageant for James I 

Anne Lancashire

'These bookes, as I heare, are all cawled in: Dance and Choreographic 
Records from the Stuart Masques 

Jennifer Nevile

Female Bodies, Speech, and Silence in The Witch of Edmonton
Sarah Johnson

You see the times are dangerous: The Political and Theatrical Situation 
of The Humorous Magistrate  (1637)
Mary Polito and Jean-Sebastien Windle

Hedgerows and Petticoats: Sartorial Subversion and Anti-enclosure 
Protest in seventeenth- century England 
                                             Christina Bosco Langert


Marking Time in Doctor Faustus 5.2
Joseph Candido

Falling to a diuelish exercise: The Copernican Universe in Christopher 
Marlowe's Doctor Faustus
Gabrielle Sugar

Manuscript Comments by Early Modern Readers in a Copy of The Works of 
Mr. John Marston (1633)
Blago Blagoev


Keir Elam (ed.), Twelfth Night (London: Arden Shakespeare, 2008);  and 
Anthony B. Dawson and Gretchen E. Minton (eds), Timon of Athens (London: 
Arden Shakespeare, 2008).
Reviewed by Peter Malin

Douglas Bruster and Robert Weimann, Shakespeare and the Power of 
Performance: Stage and Page in the Elizabethan Theatre (Cambridge: CUP, 
Reviewed by Peter J. Smith

Matthew Dimmock (ed.), William Percy's Mahomoet and His Heaven: A 
Critical Edition (Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing Ltd., 2006)
Reviewed by Jonathan Burton

Alison Findley, Playing Spaces in Early Women's Drama (Cambridge: 
Cambridge University Press, 2006).
Reviewed by Reina Green

Christina Fitzgerald, The Drama of Masculinity and Medieval English 
Guild Culture (Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007).
Reviewed by Anne Higgins

Mark Hutchings and A.A. Bromham, Middleton and his Collaborators 
(Horndon: Northcote House, 2008).
Reviewed by David Nicol

M.A. Katritzky, Women, Medicine and Theatre, 1500-1750: Literary 
Mountebanks and Performing Quacks. Studies in Performance and Early 
Modern Drama (Hampshire: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2007).
Reviewed by Rosalind Kerr

Theodore K. Lerud, Memory, Images, and the English Corpus Christi Drama 
(Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008).
Reviewed by Boyda Johnstone

Scott Newstok (ed), Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare (West Lafayette: Parlor 
Press, 2006).
Reviewed by David Schalkwyk

Thomas Rist, Revenge Tragedy and the Drama of Commemoration in Reforming 
England (Aldershot and Burlington: Ashgate. 2008).
Reviewed by Gary Waller

William Slights, The Heart in the Age of Shakespeare (Cambridge: CUP, 2008).
Reviewed by Jonathan H. Pope

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