The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 20.0491  Friday, 18 September 2009

From:       Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:       Friday, September 18, 2009
Subject:    SHAKSPER Book Review Panel

Dear SHAKSPEReans,

Since traffic has been slow lately, I am taking the opportunity to 
update members on some of SHAKSPER's ongoing projects.

Today, I am using a message I sent to a publisher's representative to 
talk about the recent work of the SHAKSPER Book Review Panel, a group of 
distinguished scholars who select books to be reviewed and reviewers for 
them, then peer review the submissions before they are published in 
conjunction with the SBReview project. Subsequently, these digests are 
archived on the SHAKSPER web site as handsomely formatted pdf files that 
anyone who visits the site may read or download. The reviews can, of 
course, be found through Google and are included in various academic 
databases, including The World Shakespeare Bibliography Online 
<http://www.worldshakesbib.org>, the most comprehensive record of 
Shakespeare-related scholarship available.

During the summer, the Panel under the energetic direction of Professor 
Peter Paolucci of the Department of English at York University in 
Toronto, Canada, the current Moderator for the SHAKSPER Book Review 
Panel has been working hard. The SHAKSPER Book Reviews (SBReviews) 
project is a relatively new feature with our first review published in 
January of this year. Although we have only distributed three reviews so 
far <http://www.shaksper.net/archives/files/reviews.html>, several dozen 
new reviews have been assigned to reviewers and will be appearing 
throughout the next twelve months.

Peter has done an amazing job this summer organizing books the Panel has 
been considering for review, soliciting suggestions from the Panel for 
reviewers and tracking the Panel's vetting of these books and reviewers, 
inviting reviewers and writing to publishers for review copies for the 
selected reviewers, as well as keeping members of the Panel update on 
progress in all areas. (Please don't ask me to review what I have just 
written. INSERT smile.) Peter's remarkable efforts on the behalf of the 
Panel and list members deserves the highest commendation.

Although Panel members have heard me say this dozens and dozens of 
times, thank you, Peter. And to SHAKSPER subscribers, you shall be 
seeing the results of our efforts by the end of this calendar year and 
throughout the months to come on a quarterly basis.

Best wishes,
Hardy M. Cook, Ph.D.
Professor of English (Retired)
Owner/Editor/Moderator SHAKSPER
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PS: When Dr. Paolucci contacts publishers and potential reviewers (who 
are not necessarily members of the list but who have been selected by 
the Panel as appropriate scholars to review the selected work), he 
includes a descriptive blurb about SHAKSPER, which I am sharing here.

Now in its twentieth year of serving the academic community, SHAKSPER is 
an edited and moderated, international, e-mail distribution list for 
discussion among Shakespearean researchers, instructors, students, and 
anyone sharing their academic interests and concerns. The SHAKSPER 
digests are delivered, archived, and managed with L-Soft's LISTSERV (r) 
software. In addition to the regular mailings to subscribers, anyone can 
use the Internet to access the archives and the list's other materials 
from the SHAKSPER web site <www.shaksper.net>. The list's over 1,000 
members have joined from sixty-eight countries; they include prominent 
Shakespearean textual scholars and bibliographers, editors and critics, 
as well as university, college, and community-college professors, 
high-school teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, actors, 
theatre professionals, authors, poets, playwrights, librarians, computer 
scientists, lawyers, doctors, retirees, and other interested 
participants. SHAKSPER endeavors to emphasize the scholarly by providing 
the opportunity for the formal exchange of ideas through queries and 
responses regarding literary, critical, textual, theoretical, and 
performative topics and issues. Announcements of conferences, calls for 
papers, seminars, lectures, symposia, job openings, the publication of 
books, the availability of online and print articles, Internet databases 
and resources, journal contents, and performances and festivals are 
regular features as are assessments of scholarly books, past and present 
theatrical productions, and Shakespeare and Shakespeare-inspired films 
as well as citations and discussions of "popular" culture references to 
Shakespeare and his works. SHAKSPER also provides occasion for 
spontaneous informal discussion, eavesdropping, peer review, and a sense 
of belonging to a worldwide scholarly community. In recent years, 
several special features have been added to SHAKSPER, including Cook's 
Tour of Internet Resources for Students and Scholars of the Early Modern 
Period; Roundtable discussions, concentrating on significant topics 
derived from issues of current interest in the discipline; and the 
SHAKSPER Book Reviews (SBReviews), reviews overseen by a Moderator and 
Panel that selects the books for review and the peers to review them, 
and then vets these reviews prior to their distribution as regular 
digests. These digests are then archived on the SHAKSPER web site. In 
addition to the archive of past discussions, the SHAKSPER web site 
includes "A Selected Guide to Shakespeare on the Internet," an 
international directory of Shakespearean institutions, organizations, 
libraries, and journals; a bibliography of poems, novels, plays, and 
films inspired by Shakespeare and his works, and much more.

S H A K S P E R: The Global Shakespeare Discussion List
Hardy M. Cook, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The S H A K S P E R Web Site <http://www.shaksper.net>

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