The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 20.0425  Monday, 3 August 2009

From:       Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:       Monday, August 03, 2009
Subject:    OED (Second Edition CD-ROM, Version 4.0)

Yesterday, in a piece I wrote for the list, I included a definition from 
the OED. In particular, the definition was from the OED Second Edition 
on CD-ROM, Version 4.0.

I have purchased copies of all of the releases of the OED on CD-ROM, and 
I can claim with assurance that this is the BEST release so far.

A number of the technical problems that resulted from the various 
protection schemes have been solved. Upgrading requires the insertion of 
the data disk from your previous version. After that verification, the 
remainder of the installation goes quickly and smoothly. When I upgraded 
to my current 64-bit desktop, I was unable to install the current 
version (3.11) or any of the former iterations of the program. I 
contacted technical support and was sent a copy with all the 
copy-protection removed and still could not install the program. No 
problems with 4.0; the installation took only a few minutes and a reboot 
of my computer. But enough of the technical stuff.

Version 4.0 was literally just released (July 31, 2009). It includes the 
full text of the OED 2nd edition, the three additional supplementary 
volumes, and 7,000 new words and meanings from the OED continuing 
research. I check this claim out by getting the online newsletter and 
making sure the recently included words on the Online version were 
indeed included in the CD-ROM 4.0 version. The Advanced Search in 
prominently displayed at the top of the screen next to tabs for Results 
(the most recent list), History, Bookmarks (for easily returning to 
words that have been stored), Options, and Help. At the bottom of the 
screen are tabs for Back, Copy, Print, and Mark and another new feature 
Lost for Words, which displays random entries.

This versions enables the users to copy complete definitions directly 
from the program. If there is a way to highlight only a portion of the 
definition and copy that, I have not get figured out how.

One useful option is the box to tick off for looking up words from 
another application. If I am in Word or on the Internet for example 
click on a word brings me to that entry if I have the dictionary open.

One thing I have not gotten used to is that I out of habit click on a 
screen to use the scroll button on my mouse. When I click on the screen 
for the open entry on the OED, I go immediately to the word that I have 
clicked on whether I wanted to leave the displayed definition or not. 
This is going to take me some getting used to.

On the whole, I am delighted with this updated version and welcome the 
new features included on it.

Hardy M. Cook

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