The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 20.0288  Friday, 7 June 2009

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Date:       Wednesday, 3 Jun 2009 16:29:40 +0100
Subject:    Interdisciplinary Virtual Conference

Blackwell Compass Interdisciplinary Virtual Conference
19-30th October 2009
Breaking Down Barriers


Location: ONLINE | Free registration

The first Compass online conference aims to help break academic 
boundaries - within and between disciplines, between theory and 
practice, approaches and methodologies - by providing a space for multi 
and cross disciplinary review on the theme of Breaking Down Barriers.

Keynote Podcast Papers

We are happy to announce that the following keynote addresses will be 
given throughout the conference, in the form of audio podcasts and 
accompanying slides:

Speaker: Professor Roger Griffin, Oxford Brookes University


Title: The Rainbow Bridge': Reflections on Interdisciplinarity in the 
Cybernetic Age
Discipline(s): History/Politics

Speaker: Professor David Crystal, Bangor University


Title:  Language Death: a Problem for All
Discipline(s): Linguistics

Speaker: Dr Roy Baumeister, Florida State University


Title: Human Nature and Culture: What is the Human Mind Designed for?
Discipline(s): Social Psychology

Speaker: Professor Peter Ludlow, Northwestern University


Title: Virtual Communities, Virtual Cultures, Virtual Governance
Discipline(s): Philosophy

Speaker: Dr Eileen Joy, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Title: Reading Beowulf in the Ruins of Grozny: Pre/modern, Post/human, 
and the Question of Being-Together
Discipline(s): Literary Studies

Speaker: Professor Mark Macklin, University of Wales, Aberystwyth


Title: Floodplain Catastrophes and Climate Change: Lessons from the Rise 
and Fall of Riverine Societies
Discipline(s): Physical Geography

NOTE: These interdisciplinary keynote addresses will be approximately 
20-25 minutes in length, and will be released at regular intervals 
throughout the conference. Please be sure to check in regularly for updates.

Publishing Workshops

Throughout the conference we will hold seven workshops to help guide 
young scholars through various aspects of publishing. These will be in 
the form of pre-recorded podcasts presented by a variety of academics 
and publishing professionals:

Our presenters will be on hand during the conference to answer 
questions; you can submit your questions using the 'blog software that 
will run alongside the podcasts.

Vanessa Lafaye
Compass Publisher
The Secret to Online Publishing Success

Professor Mike Bradshaw
University of Leicester
Why Write a Review Paper? And how to do it!


Dr. Devonya Havis
Canisius College
How to survive the review process


Kivmars Bowling
Senior Compass Managing Editor
The Online Author's Survival Guide

Professor Regenia Gagnier
University of Exeter
Why Interdisciplinarity?


Professor Duane Wegener
Purdue University
Top 10 mistakes New Scholars Make When Trying to Get Published


Dr. Greg Maney
Hofstra University
How to Survive the Review Process


Dr. Catherine Sanderson
Amherst College
The joys and sorrows of writing an undergraduate textbook

Musical Entertainment Programme: Call for Rock (and any other) music

There will be a Battle Of The Bands running during the conference, which 
is open to any musical group made up of academics (including grad students).

All styles/genres and all levels of proficiency are welcome. If you  are 
a Professor of Rockology, a Don of Skatistics, a Tutor of Jazzology... 
or otherwise belong to a band which includes an advanced degree (or one 
in progress), we would love to hear from you.

All we need is a link to a place on the web (YouTube is ideal) where 
people can find your music (for free) and a brief explanation of who you 
are and what you are about.

All submissions should be sent to mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once the conference is underway, we will feature a poll on the site 
where attendees can vote for their favourite.

Free Registration

Register here: http://www.blackwellpublishingsurvey.com/survey/149278/29a8/

Conference delegates will receive a 20% discount on books featured in 
the conference book exhibit. There will also be the opportunity to get 
sample issues of a range of journals that relate to the conference themes.

For more information on the conference visit


For more information on the Compass journals visit 

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