The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 20.0325  Monday, 22 June 2009

From:       Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:       Monday, June 22, 2009
Subject:    Editing SHAKSPER

I have on several occasions explained the procedures I used to format 
SHAKSPER digests for distribution (see 

I strive to achieve a consistent appearance by the following steps:

1. HEADER: I begin by including an HEADER that indicates the day, date, 
and number of the digest I am working on, such as "The Shakespeare 
Conference: SHK XX.XXXX  Monday, 22 June 2009".

2. Single posts are identified by NAME, DATE, and SUBJECT, information I 
extract from the header of each e-mail. For digests with multiple 
submissions, I further include a list of contributions in a table of 
contents for the digest.

3. To make SHAKSPER digests readable across as many platforms as 
possible, I have since I began editing SHAKSPER digests used the pure 
ASCII character set with a "full block" format.

4. All lines are flushed with left margin, including long quotations and 
bulleted or numbered lists (since the right margin is variable, having 
consistent-looking results is usually not possible).

5. Lines are single-spaced.

6. Paragraphs are not indented; instead, individual paragraphs are 
identified by having a blank line between them.

7. All sentences are formatted so they word-wrap in the e-mail client; 
to avoid sentences beginning with a single space indentation, I put 
single space between the terminal mark of punctuation and the beginning 
of the next sentence instead of two of the MLA format.

[When an e-mail is saved, some computer platforms, web browsers, or 
e-mail clients insert "Carriage Returns" or "Line Feeds" or both at line 
breaks, so I have created a macro I use to remove "Carriage Returns," 
indicated by CR or the Paragraph symbol or CR/LF at the end of a line 

I do not have the time to consistently include all formatting options; 
however, when I can I indicate _Italics_ by including an underscored 
character at the beginning and ending of what should be italicized. To 
indicate *Bold* formatting, I use the * symbols at the beginning and 
ending of what should be in bold typeface.

Other formatting suggestions are these (see the SHAKSPER Netiquette 
page: http://www.shaksper.net/netiquette.html).

1. If your name does not appear in the FROM line or does not appear 
correctly (that is the account is in the name of a spouse, partner, 
companion, alias, or other), sign your name at the bottom so I can copy 
and paste it next to your e-mail address. You may include your title, 
academic affiliation, geographical location, or similar information, but 
signatures should be kept to a maximum of three lines.

2. Do not copy and resend the message to which you are replying or 
automatically include all the original post or digest. Quote, 
paraphrase, copy and paste, or cite your correspondent by name, 
providing as much of the context as needed to clarify the nature of your 
reply. The convention of some Internet lists and groups to address 
almost all points from the post to which you are responding is 
cumbersome and tiring for most readers or, at least, for your editor.

3. If you "copy and paste" information from another Internet or 
electronic source, which often results in irregularly spaced lines of 
text, then format that text to be sure that the information is 
word-wrapped and does not require me to spend additional time formatting 
the text for distribution.

4. Avoid the temptation of simply copying and pasting entire online 
articles and reviews and forwarding them directly to the list. Posters 
should judiciously quote and summarize then provide the URL.


Most formatting in submissions is stripped when I save the text in the 
ASCII character set.

Thus, members of the list who want to insure that special formatting is 
preserved in their posting/submission should strive as much as possible 
to observe the above formatting conventions when sending submissions to 
the list. Observing these formatting conventions will go a long way 
toward preserving how the member's text is presented while saving me a 
much time and effort preparing it for distribution.

Thank you for your consideration in these matters,
Hardy M. Cook
Editor of SHAKSPER

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