The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 21.0040  Friday, 29 January 2010


From:         Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Date:          Friday, January 29, 2010       

Subject:      Update


Dear SHAKSPER Subscribers:


I am sorry that it is taking me so long to recover from my final PC crash and to migrate files and programs from my PCs to my Macs. After migrating files that I did not lose in the crash to my iMac and getting all of my hardware connected and working properly, I am now dealing with software matters -- what do I run in Windows 7 on a Virtual Machine (Fusion 3), what software do I replace with Mac versions, what software do I simply forget about. And then there are issues with the files I have generated in the past 28 since I got my first computer; I am especially concerned with important files like those for my finances and taxes (Quicken and TurboTax). 


As for SHAKSPER, I have decided about how I will read the messages that arrive in my Editor Inbox (Mac Mail program for Editor and Gmail account in Entourage for private correspondence) and how I will communicate with the listserv software to preserve security.  


More specifically, Mac Office 2008 is virtually a different program suite than its equivalents in Windows Office 2009. I developed a set of macros that I included in Word Quick Access Toolbar, something that does not seem to exist in Mac Word 2008. 


These are a few highlights to suggest the complexity of my moving into the Mac World and some of the reasons for my tardiness in getting back to editing SHAKSPER digests for you. 


As I was preparing this digest, I received some good news. The university where I worked for my entire adult life has just honored me with the designation of Professor Emeritus. The letter from the President, Dr. Mickey L. Burnim, reads in part, "The intent of this designation is to maintain a direct link to one who has been a highly valued faculty member at Bowie State University for thirty-two years and who earned the rank of Professor during that time.  /  We appreciate your many years of distinguished service and are privileged to bestow this small honor upon you."  I have mounted a copy of this letter on the SHAKSPER server:




I am honored. After being recognized in 1999 by University System of Maryland Board of Regents when I was awarded the Faculty Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship, I am now being recognized by my institution. I am humbled, especially for one who was told by one of his high school English teachers that I should not go to college since I could not pass freshman composition and by one of his graduate professors who questioned my being in graduate school. My father always claimed that I was a "late-bloomer." 


I will try to get to the mail in my Editor's Inbox tomorrow, but my life would be easier if I were able to figure out how to execute the macros that I created in Word for Windows in Mac Word, but I will manage. 


Hardy M. Cook, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Owner-Editor-Moderator of SHAKSPER


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