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From:          Sean Lawrence <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Date:          Friday 1/15/2010 6:50 PM

Subject:       Early Modern Literary Studies, Special Issue 19


To whom it may concern:


A special issue of EMLS has been posted. As usual, it is available for download free and without subscription at the following web address: http://purl.org/emls


The table of contents follows.



Sean Lawrence.



Early Modern Literary Studies

Special Issue 19 (2009) 

Embodying Shakespeare

Edited by David McInnis and Brett D. Hirsch




Embodying Shakespeare: Introduction. David McInnis (University of Melbourne) and Brett D. Hirsch (University of Victoria).


How Should One Read a Shakespeare Sonnet? Bruce R. Smith (University of Southern California).


Tragicomic Transformations: Passion, Politics, and the "Art to Turn" in Fletcher's The Island Princess. Jean E. Feerick (Brown University).


Counterfeit Professions: Jewish Daughters and the Drama of Failed Conversion in Marlowe's The Jew of Malta and Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. Brett D. Hirsch (University of Victoria).


Perceiving Shakespeare: A Study of Sight, Sound, and Stage. Jennifer Rae McDermott (University of Toronto).


Horticulture of the Head: The Vegetable Life of Hair in Early Modern English Thought. Edward J. Geisweidt (University of Alabama).


Mind-Travelling, Ideal Presence and the Imagination in Early Modern England. David McInnis (University of Melbourne).


"die a rare example": Beheading the Body on the Jacobean Stage. Fiona Martin (University of Waikato).


"A nature but infected": Plague and Embodied Transformation in Timon of Athens. Darryl Chalk (University of Southern Queensland).


"Enamoured of thy parts:" Dismemberment and Domesticity in Romeo and Juliet. Ariane M. Balizet (Texas Christian University).


Antony's Body. Joyce Green MacDonald (University of Kentucky).



Shorter Articles: 


Hamlet, the Pirate's Son. Mary Floyd-Wilson (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).


Is There Life After Sex?: Macbeth and Post-Sexuality. Helen Ostovich (McMaster University).



Review Essay: 


Differing Returns: On History, Bodies and Early Modern Lives. Laurie Johnson (University of Southern Queensland).



Amanda Bailey. Flaunting: Style and the Subversive Male Body in Renaissance England. Toronto: U of Toronto P, 2007. Jason Freddi (University of Melbourne).


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