The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 21.0132  Friday, 26 March 2010

From:       Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:       Friday, March 26, 2010       
Subject:    Announcement: The Shakespeare Encyclopedia at the SAA

On Saturday evening, April 3, there will be an open house for the ABC-CLIO/Greenwood 5-volume work _The Shakespeare Encyclopedia: Life, Works, World, and Legacy_ edited by Patricia Parker, Professor of Comparative Literature and Margery Bailey Professor in English and Dramatic Literature at Stanford University. The open house will be from 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm, where there will be a visual installation of images from it. The _Encyclopedia_ is to be released in the fall, and convention attendees are eligible for a 20% discount.

Life, Works, World, and Legacy
Edited by Patricia Parker

The most comprehensive work of its kind, this fully illustrated 5-volume encyclopedia draws upon the expertise of an internationally renowned advisory and editorial board and hundreds of stellar contributors to detail Shakespeare's life, works, world, and legacy through nearly 4,000 alphabetically arranged entries.

Advisory Board:
Stephen Greenblatt, Andrew Gurr, Jean E. Howard, Frank Kermode, Arthur R Kinney, Peter Lake, Jill L Levenson, Ania Loomba, Laurie Maguire, Gail Kern Paster, Lois Potter, Stanley Wells

Editorial Board:
Joel B. Altman, Robert Bearman, Gordon Braden, Douglas Bruster, Colin Burrow, John D. Cox, Margreta de Grazia, Mario DiGangi, Lukas Erne, Hugh Grady, Werner Habicht, Kim F. Hall, Michael Hattaway, Robert Henke? Peter Holland, Lorna Hutson, John Kerrigan, Natasha Korda, Douglas M. Lanier, Francois Laroque, Lawrence Manley, Jean L Marsden, Barbara A. Mowat, Steven Mullaney, Michael Neill, Laurie E. Osborne, Adrian Poole, Eric Rasmussen, Mary Beth Rose, Julie Sanders, Stuart Sillars, Bruce R. Smith, Tiffany Stern, Gordon Teskey, Daniel Vitkus, Paul Werstine

Associate Editor: Trey Jansen 
Assistant Editor: Alysia Kolentsis
Illustrations Editors: Peter Holland, Alexander C. Y. Huang, Douglas M. Lanier, Stuart Sillars

CONTRIBUTORS: Over 300 expert contributors from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and other parts of the world, with entries ranging from under 100 to over 6,000 words

THE SHAKESPEARE ENCYCLOPEDIA TOPICS include (in addition to major entries on each of Shakespeare's works): acting and playgoing (Elizabethan and Jacobean), actors' parts, apprentices, companies, rehearsal, stage directions, and early theater terms, actors, directors, theater companies, performance histories, adaptations and appropriations (drama, poetry, novels; travesties, burlesques; gothic, romance, mystery, detective, science fiction; art; ballet, dance; music, including opera, musicals, pop music, jazz), advertising, Algiers, Bohemia, Constantinople, Egypt, France, India, Italy, Morocco, Persia, Russia, Tunis, and other places important in the plays, including Britain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, aliens and foreigners, America (colonial to present), animals, animation, comics, cartoons, arithmetic, calculation, nothing / noting, "O", authorship, bastardy, battles (Actium, Agincourt, and others), bearbaiting, Bible (and related entries), blackness, blackface, whiteness, body, melancholy, humors, passions, Bollywood, Broadway, carnival, entertainments, games, pageants, popular culture, censorship, characters, childbirth, chronology, collaboration, canon, circumcision, colonialism, postcolonialism, commedia dell'arte, conduct books, costumes and clothing, crime, punishment, torture, treason, criticism and theory, cross-dressing, cuckoldry, disease, plague, death, doubling, economic, political, social contexts (including enclosures, household organization, inheritance, laws, literacy, mercantilism, money, nationhood, old age, poverty, servants, vagrancy), editing, education, electronic resources, fairies, ghosts, witches, fencing, dueling, hunting, food, drink, fools, clowns, friendship, gender and sexuality (including feminism, homoeroticism, lesbianism), genres, global Shakespeares, with entries on African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean, European, Latin American, and other translation, appropriation, and performance histories, films, actors, directors, and kabuki, kathakali, kyogen, noh, and other stagings, humanism, Jews, language, wordplay, rhetoric, metrics, and related terms, madness, marriage, memory, forgetting, monsters, New World, portraits, monuments, publication, printing, race, racial cross-casting, radio, recordings, television, videos, DVDs, religion, science, alchemy, astrology, medicine, scolds, shrews, talkativeness, tongues, screen adaptation and individual films, Shakespeare's life, family, contemporaries (literary and other), skepticism, slavery, sleep, dreams, songs, music, dances (in the plays), sources, analogues, backgrounds, spying, Stratford, London, travel, geography, maps, Turks, renegades, Barbary Coast, twins, visual and material culture, war, women and women writers, 16th to 21st century, Yiddish theater, YouTube, and many more

TOPICAL as well as ALPHABETICAL LISTS of entries are useful for researching and teaching particular topics and works 

CROSS-REFERENCES enable easy movement between related topics, while words in boldface in each entry lead to other entries throughout the encyclopedia

APPENDICES include a timeline of Shakespeare's life and important events; genealogy and map (for history plays and other entries); names of characters in each play; general bibliography (in addition to Further Reading in individual entries); films and television productions; videos and DVDs; lists of fiction (mystery, romance, fantasy and science fiction in print, TV, and film) and children's (and young adult) literature related to Shakespeare and his works; electronic and online resources, including library databases and other sites (supplementing entries on databases of Shakespeare in performance, electronic editions, and other topics).

Release is scheduled for September 2010, 2,280 pp., 8 1/2 x 11, ISBN 978-0-313-33639-3, eISBN: 978-0-313-05589-8

Further information online at www.abc-clio.com, by telephone 1.800.368.6868, or fax 1.866.270.3856

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