The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 21.0477   Friday, 31 December 2010

From:         Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:         Friday, December 31, 2010      
Subject:      SBReviews Panel Update

Dear SHAKSPEReans,

Let me update subscribers on the work of the SBReviews Panel.

Founding SBReviews moderator Peter Paolucci has stepped aside a few months ago and 
has been replaced by Assistant Professor of Theatre at Fayetteville State 
University, Jeremy Fiebig. Jeremy is a graduate of the Mary Baldwin College/American 
Shakespeare Center program in Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature in Performance. 
He served as Assistant Director and Stage Manager for the American Shakespeare 
Center's 2006 Resident Troupe season including productions of As You Like It, 
Macbeth, The Tempest with director Giles Block, and Othello. He has directed Twelfth 
Night, Julius Caesar, The Merchant of Venice, Measure for Measure, The Two Noble 
Kinsmen, The Winter's Tale, Macbeth, True West, Peer Gynt, Godspell, The Importance 
of Being Earnest, Yasmina Reza's Art, The Tempest (ASC's Young Company), and others. 
Jeremy has performed in nearly 40 productions in the past decade. Highlights include 
Claudius in Hamlet, the title role in King John, Don Armado in Love's Labour's Lost, 
Malcolm and Duncan in Macbeth, Antony in Sweeney Todd, and many others. Jeremy is a 
four-time Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival Irene Ryan nominee and an 
Equity Member Candidate.

Jeremy is also a techno geek, and to assist Panel members in doing their work, 
Jeremy has established electronic procedures for the workflow were methods that were 
put into place by Peter Paolucci under his watch.

I am also delighted to announce that two eminent Shakespearean have joined the ranks 
of the Panel members: Evelyn Gajowski, Professor of English at University of Nevada, 
Las Vegas, and Evelyn Tribble,, Professor and Donald Collie Chair of the Department 
of English at University of Otago, New Zealand. All of the members of the Panel, 
Hardy M. Cook, Jeremy Fiebig, Arthur Lindley, Murray M. Schwartz, Peter Paolucci, 
Martin Mueller, and Mark G. Aune, warmly welcome Lynn and Lyn.

Further good news is that there will be several new reviews for subscribers after 
the New Year. 

Let me take a moment to remind subscribers of the work of the SBReviews Panel.

Panel members read reviews and comment and occasionally volunteer to write reviews 
as they are moved to do so. The only other responsibility is to suggest reviewers 
and help decide what books should be reviewed. 

Long-time members of SHAKSPER are familiar with the conference and its work. 
SBReviews Panel members use the following the description of the list that we use 
when the moderator contacts potential reviewers and publishing representatives who 
might not know about SHAKSPER:

SHAKSPER: The Global Electronic Shakespeare Conference

Now in its twentieth-second year of serving the academic community, SHAKSPER is an 
edited and moderated, international, e-mail distribution list for discussion among 
Shakespearean scholars, researchers, instructors, students, and anyone sharing their 
academic interests and concerns. The Editor uses L-Soft's LISTSERV software to 
deliver, archive, and manage the SHAKSPER digests. In addition to regular mailings 
to members, anyone can use the Internet to access the archives and other SHAKSPER 
materials from the SHAKSPER web site <www.shaksper.net>. The list's approaching 
1,100 members have joined from sixty-six countries. Members include prominent 
Shakespearean textual scholars and bibliographers, editors and critics, as well as 
university, college, and community-college professors, high-school teachers, 
undergraduate and graduate students, actors, theatre professionals, authors, poets, 
playwrights, librarians, computer scientists, lawyers, doctors, retirees, and other 
interested participants. SHAKSPER strives to emphasize the scholarly by providing 
the opportunity for the formal exchange of ideas through queries and responses 
regarding literary, critical, textual, theoretical, and performative topics and 
issues. For readers' convenience, these messages are lightly edited and grouped in 
separate digests according to topic. Significant questions and comments from actors, 
directors, or any member of list are welcome. The source of the post is not the 
issue; the issue is its relevance to the broad scope of academic interests in 
Shakespeare studies. Contributions that are clearly irresponsible, offensive, or 
apart from SHAKSPER's purpose, including those concerning the so-called "Authorship 
Question," will be ignored. Announcements of conferences, calls for papers, 
seminars, lectures, symposia, job openings, the publication of books, the 
availability of online and print articles, Internet databases and resources, journal 
contents, and performances and festivals are regular features as are assessments of 
scholarly books, past and present theatrical productions, and Shakespeare and 
Shakespeare-inspired films as well as citations and discussions of "popular" culture 
references to Shakespeare and his works. SHAKSPER also provides occasion for 
spontaneous informal discussion, eavesdropping, peer review, and a sense of 
belonging to a worldwide scholarly community. In recent years, several special 
features have been added to SHAKSPER, including Cook's Tour of Internet Resources 
for Students and Scholars of the Early Modern Period; periodic Roundtable 
discussions, concentrating on significant topics derived from issues of current 
interest in the discipline; and the SHAKSPER Book Reviews (SBReviews), reviews 
overseen by a Moderator and Panel that selects the books for review and the peers to 
review them, and then vets these reviews prior to their distribution as regular 
digests, which are then archived on the SHAKSPER web site. In addition to the 
archive of past discussions, the SHAKSPER web site includes Selected Guide to 
Shakespeare on the Internet, an international directory of Shakespearean 
institutions, organizations, libraries, and journals; a bibliography of poems, 
novels, plays, and films inspired by Shakespeare and his works, and much more. 

The seeds of what would become the SBReviews project can be traced to late 2005 when 
the SHAKSPER server crashed and I was working on what would become two publications 
about SHAKSPER (PDF copies of these two essays are available by request). As I 
reflected upon the list and its situation in late 2005, I realized that some of the 
difficulties that I was having as moderator could be attributed to changes in the 
demographics of the list and to my then laissez-faire behavior as editor/moderator. 
I concluded that the list had strayed too away from its roots and mission to serve 
the academic community. When the list came back online after the new server was 
operating, I vowed to strive to recover the purpose for which the list had been 
established. One way that I planned to do so was to become more active as 
editor/moderator and another was to introduce additional features that were aimed 
directly at the target audience, Shakespeare academics. One of my ideas in the 
latter category was to begin a peer-reviewed book feature. I announced my intention 
to create this feature and recruited Panel members whose names were announced in 
February 2008. The Panel began work: all business for the SBReview project is 
conducted through e-mail; the first reviews were published in January 2009:

Elena Levy-Navarro. The Culture of Obesity in Early and Late Modernity: Body Image 
in Shakespeare, Jonson, Middleton, and Skelton. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008. 
ISBN-13: 978-0-230-60123-9; xi + 238 pp. US$74.95. 

Reviewed by Arthur Lindley, Institute for Advanced Research, University of 

SBReview_1 initially appeared on January 29, 2009, in SHAKSPER digest SHK 20.0031 
<http://www.shaksper.net/archives/2009/0029.html> and is also available as a PDF 
file <http://www.shaksper.net/archives/files/AL_Elena%20Levy_1_19_2009_HMC_2.pdf> .

Scott L. Newstok, editor. Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare. West Lafayette, Indiana: 
Parlor Press, 2007. ISBN 978-1-60235-002-1; lv + 308 pp. US$32.00. 

Reviewed by Murray M. Schwartz, Professor, Department of Writing, Literature & 
Publishing, Emerson College

SBReview_2 initially appeared on January 29, 2009, in SHAKSPER digest SHK 20.0032 
<http://www.shaksper.net/archives/2009/0030.html> and is also available as a PDF 
file <http://www.shaksper.net/archives/files/MS_Review_KBurke_1_21_2008_HMC_1.pdf> .

Gothic Shakespeares. Edited by John Drakakis and Dale Townshend. General editor, 
Terrence Hawkes. _Accents on Shakespeare Series_. New York: Routledge, 2008. ISBN 
978-0-415-42067-9; 264 p. US$39.95. 

Reviewed by Peter Paolucci, York University
SBReview_3 initially appeared on April 2, 2009, in SHAKSPER digest SHK 20.0153 < 
http://www.shaksper.net/arch ives/2009/0151.html> and is also available as a PDF 

Margreta de Grazia. Hamlet without Hamlet. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007. 

Reviewed by David Richman, University of New Hampshire
SBReview_4 initially appeared on July 14, 2009, in SHAKSPER digest SHK 20.0371 < 
http://www.shaksper.net/archives/2009/0371.html and is also available as a PDF file.

Lesel Dawson. Lovesickness and Gender in Early Modern English Literature. Oxford: Oxford 
University Press, 2008. 

Reviewed by Eric Langley, University College London.
SBReview_5 initially appeared on October 29, 2009, in SHAKSPER digest SHK 20.0540 
http://www.shaksper.net/archives/2009/0539.html and is also available as a PDF file.

Samuel Crowl. Shakespeare and Film: A Norton Guide. New York: W. W. Norton & 
Company, 2008. ISBN-13: 978-0393927658; xxv + 238pp. US$27.50. 

Reviewed by Caroline Gaddy, James Madison University, The Shakespeare Standard.
SBReview_6 initially appeared on July 10, 2010, in SHAKSPER digest SHK 21.0268 
http://www.shaksper.net/archives/2010/0275.html and is also available as a PDF file 
<http://www.shaksper.net/archives/files/SBR6_Crowl.pdf> .

The New Kittredge Shakespeare: Julius Caesar. Ed. Sarah Hatchuel. Newburyport, MA: 
Focus Publishing, 2008. ISBN-10: 1585102601. ISBN-13: 978-1585102600. 144 pp. 

Reviewed by Alisha Huber, Mary Baldwin College.
SBReview_7 initially appeared on July 10, 2010, in SHAKSPER digest SHK 21.0269 
http://www.shaksper.net/archives/2010/0276.html and is also available as a PDF file 
<http://www.shaksper.net/archives/files/SBR7_Kittridge_JC.pdf> .

Bruce R. Smith. Phenomenal Shakespeare (Blackwell Manifestos). Oxford: Wiley-
Blackwell, 2010. Hardcover: ISBN-13: 978-0631235484; 232 pp. US$84.95. Paperback: 
ISBN-10: 0631235485; US$29.95. Kindle: US$26.96. 

Reviewed by James Mainard O'Connell, Assistant Technical Director/Shop Foreman, 
Columbia University.

SBReview_8 initially appeared on July 10, 2010, in SHAKSPER digest SHK 21.0270 
http://www.shaksper.net/archives/2010/0277.html and is also available as a PDF file 
<http://www.shaksper.net/archives/files/SBR8_Smith.pdf> .

David Schalkwyk. Shakespeare, Love, and Service. Cambridge: Cambridge University 
Press, 2008. ISBN-13: 9780521886390. Pp. x + 317. U.S. $93. 

Reviewed by David Evett, Professor Emeritus, Cleveland State University.

SBReview_9 initially appeared on July 10, 2010, in SHAKSPER digest SHK 21.0271 
http://www.shaksper.net/archives/2010/0278.html and is also available as a PDF file 
<http://www.shaksper.net/archives/files/SBR9_Schalkwyk.pdf> .

Work of the SBReview Panel

SBReviews is a collection of peer-reviewed books of importance to students, 
teachers, researchers, scholars, and those who share their academic interests in the 
study of Shakespeare and of the theatre and literature of the Early Modern Period. 
SBReviews is maintained by the SHAKSPER Book Review Panel, under the direction of a 
rotating moderator selected from within the Panel membership .

Panel members select the books for reviewing, invite qualified persons to review 
these books, and critically vet the resulting reviews, including suggesting changes 
as required; and finally the Panel members approve the completed version of each 
review prior to publication. 

The moderator corresponds with the members of the Panel in identifying books to be 
reviewed and in nominating and choosing qualified peers to review the selected 
books. The moderator acts on the behalf of the Panel handling the correspondence 
between the Panel and the reviewers. The moderator also writes to publishers to 
procure complimentary copies for reviewers and informs publishers of reviews when 
they are published.

The SBReview Panel strives to work with three intake periods: completed book reviews 
of 1,000 to 2,000 words are due to the panel on the first of April, August, and 
December. The panel reviews submissions and suggests revisions if necessary. Edits 
and corrections must be completed so that reviews can be published no later than the 
first week of the following months (May, September, January). All correspondence of 
the SBReview Panel is conducted by e-mail and coordinated by the moderator. 

Panel members suggest books for possible reviewing, nominate possible reviewers or 
volunteer to write reviews as appropriate, participate in the selection process of 
selecting reviewers, participate in the vetting of submitted reviews, suggest 
revisions if needed, vote to approve or reject all reviews prior to publication on 
SHAKSPER initially as regular SHAKSPER digests, and then as PDF versions that are 
mounted on the SHAKSPER fileserver. The final editing and formatting is my 
responsibility as the Owner, Editor, and Moderator of SHAKSPER.

The majority of the work of the Panel is done by the rotating moderator and me. 
Working on the panel is strictly voluntary and members contribute as much or as 
little as they can given their other varied commitments and are free to resign at 
any time. The moderator strives to distribute e-mails with an eye toward making work 
on the Panel as efficient and as timely as possible. The majority of the commitment 
of Panel members is to make recommendations and to spend as much time as they can 
afford in reading reviews and suggesting changes or improvements if the vetted 
review is accepted by the Panel for publication. 

The founding moderator of the Panel was Dr. Peter Paolucci, who devised most of the 
procedures and the workflow for the group. Professor Jeremy Friebig, Assistant 
Professor of Theatre at Fayetteville State University, has taken over from him. 

I will make every effort to get the most recent reviews out as soon as possible 
after New Year's


S H A K S P E R: The Global Shakespeare Discussion List
Hardy M. Cook, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The S H A K S P E R Web Site <http://www.shaksper.net>

DISCLAIMER: Although SHAKSPER is a moderated discussion list, the opinions expressed 
on it are the sole property of the poster, and the editor assumes no responsibility 
for them.

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