The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 21.0364  Friday, 10 September 2010

From:         Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:         Friday, September 10, 2010               
Subject:      Files of Interest to Teachers, Students, and Scholars of the Early 
Modern Period

With the exception of my OCD approach to grading papers, I miss teaching a great 
deal. Having not yet gotten any offers to do adjunct teaching, to continue to have 
an excuse to keep revising my teaching materials one thing I have done is to make 
some of the powerpoints from my Shakespeare courses available on the Internet for 
those who might want to use them (teachers -- especially those at the beginning of 
their careers -- students, and even scholars of the Early Modern Period). 

I gave the English Department at my three times alma matter the University of 
Maryland, College Park, a large collection of the materials I have gathered and 
developed in my years of teaching. When the updated SHAKSPER web site is completed, 
I plan to put many more of my materials than I have already on the Internet for 
reading or downloading. Until then I will continue to distribute my powerpoints, as 
long as they are used strictly for educational or research purposes and NOT for any 
commercial enterprise. This stipulation is, of course, so that I will remain covered 
by the fair use exemption of the copyright laws. 

You may download these powerpoints at the following locations; however, please keep 
in mind that many of them are large files that will take a long time to download 
even with a high speed Internet connection. Also, be sure to type the file names 
exactly as they appear, case matters.


Should you have any problems or if you do not have the time or bandwidth, send me a 
clearly labeled e-mail with the address you would like me to reply to prominently 
identified in the text of your request. I now have two "cloud" services -- my 
MobileMe account and my SendStuffNow account from SmithMicro the company that owns 
several my software programs -- I can use these "cloud" accounts to distribute large 
files to people who request them. I will use SendStuffNow to e-mail you a link that 
you can click on to have the files transferred quickly and easily to your computer. 
(Disclaimer: I have no financial or other connection with SmithMicro.)

Since the beginning of this new academic year, I have gotten several requests for my 
powerpoints. Steve Sohmer used my Life of Shakespeare to create his own 
presentation. He rearranged, amended, and annotated my slides; he deleted some of 
them and added some of his own. He then gave his version to professional graphic 
designers, who further polished it. He has given me permission to distribute his 
version to anyone who would like to use it (with the same stipulations, of course, 
as I have made above).

You may download Dr.Sohmer's Shakespeare's Life from my server at the following:

http://www.shaksper.net/~hcook/Shakespeare's Life.ppt

Or you may send me a request and I will e-mail you a link you can use to have the 
file quickly delivered to your own computer. Again, please clearly identify your 
request in the Subject line of your e-mail and the address of the e-mail account to 
which you would like me to send you the link in the body of your message. 

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