The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 21.0369  Friday, 10 September 2010

From:         Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:         September 1, 2010 5:40:24 PM EDT
Subject: Suggestions for Next Roundtable
Comment:      SHK 21.0361  Suggestions for Next Roundtable

In the last round of SHAKSPER digests, I sent a digest with the two suggestions I have received 
regarding possible topics for a third SHAKSPER Roundtable discussion: 
http://www.shaksper.net/archives/2010/0365.html .

The two suggestions I received were from Jeremy Fiebig and Richard Waugaman. 

Fiebig suggested that he thought "it would be splendid to host a discussion on Shakespeare and 
Access, particularly because it seemed to be such a feature of the ISC. Issues might involve the 
role of the Internet and social media in Shakespeare Studies, etc."

Richard Waugaman noted that "We've neglected a vast source of Shakespeare's Psalm allusions, in the 
Sternhold and Hopkins Whole Book of Psalms (WBP). The significant allusions to that translation 
discovered in the past two years already outnumber those compiled by Shaheen."
These were the only two suggestions I have received, unless I overlooked them, and I have received 
no comments on the suitability or desirability of these two.

I conceived of the idea for the SHAKSPER Roundtables as a way to raise, at the time, the level of 
discourse on the list and to help to return the list to its founding emphasis on the interests of 
the academic Shakespeare community. 

In that same digest, I repeated my previous report that "the special issue of the journal STYLE that 
came about from the collaboration between that journal and the last SHAKSPER Roundtable on 
Shakespeare Intentions was undergoing its final proofing and would be ready in late October 

In my essay for this special issue, I conclude with this paragraph:

         What conclusions can I draw from this [the second Roundtable] experience? First, Roundtables 
are a lot of work. Second, this one might never have occurred had there not been an interesting 
thread on the subject that ran for approximately a month as an ordinary SHAKSPER discussion, 
prompting John Knapp to bring up the possibility of collaboration between SHAKSPER and _Style_. 
Third, the success of this project owes a great deal to the work of the intelligent, thoughtful 
young scholar [Cary DiPietro] who agreed to guest moderate it and did so with noteworthy planning 
and diplomatic moderating. And, finally, the exercise as productive as it was might never have come 
about without the carrot of the collaboration with the print journal _Style_. This carrot may have 
influenced the decision of those who volunteered to write leading essays for it and may also have 
influenced the guest moderator to take on this daunting task. If I am correct about this final 
point, I can conclude that until electronic projects such as this one carry the same respect in the 
academy that a scholarly publication does, future Roundtables may be doomed never to come about.

Having retired on disability, I am no longer a part of the rhythms of the academic calendar and I 
may not be remembering the pressures of the new semester that can be virtually all-consuming. Thus, 
I may not be recognizing that perhaps the lack on interest in mentioning possible topics for a 
future Roundtable discussion or on commenting on those that have been suggested could be 
attributable to the pressures of a new school year. However, in light of my experiences with the 
first two SHAKSPER Roundtables, I cannot overlook the possibility that academics have too many other 
activities going on to want to spread themselves out even further by undertaking the work required 
to participate fully in a time-consuming project like moderating or participating in an engaged 
manner in an online Roundtable discussion that, at present, at least, would appear to be lacking in 
academic currency. 

Thoughts? Responses?


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