The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 21.0265  Wednesday, 7 July 2010

From:         Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:         Wednesday, July 7, 2010      
Subject:      Updates to SHAKSPER Web Site

Yesterday, I announced that several updates and improvement to the SHAKSPER web 
site were forthcoming:


The first of these can be found at the site's homepage: www.shaksper.net.

The fourth item on the homepage list reads as follows:

Hardy M. Cook on "Shakespeare on the Internet": This essay is a complete 
revision of the one published in _Sh@kespeare in the Media: From the Globe 
Theatre to the World Wide Web_. [Eds. Stefani Brusberg-Kiermeier and Jorg 
Helbig. Berlin; Bern; Bruxelles; New York; Oxford; Wien: Peter Lang, 2004. 213-
241.] It was prepared for a second edition of the collection, which never 
materialized. This essay and its predecessor are the principal source of the 
list of suggested Internet sites below.

The link to this entry enables the user to download a PDF file of my essay 
"Shakespeare on the Internet" prepared for the proposed second edition of the 
above collection of essays, which unfortunately never came to fruition. 

WARNING: This essay is a detailed attempt to survey some of the Internet 
resources that were available at the time of the essay's writing. Because of the 
nature of this ambitious project, some of the information included was out-of-
date ostensibly at the time I last pressed the save key: such is the nature of 
the Internet. I finished the draft of the original essay in December of 2002, 
after researching it for over a year. The collection was published more than a 
year later. I completed the revision of the essay for the planned second edition 
of the collection in August of 2008, based upon research that was conducted ten 
months or more before. Thus, the essay is approaching two years old; however, 
because I spent so much time on it and because it contains much that I still 
consider useful, I decided to make it available over the Internet for anyone who 
wishes to read it.

I derived the links in the "Selected Guide to Shakespeare on the Internet," the 
entry that follows, from this essay. I try, approximately once a year, to go 
over the links on this list to determine if each link is still "hot" (i.e., it 
works). If it is not, I try to discover if the address has changed or if the 
site has moved, and then I correct the entry. In the instances in which the site 
has gone down, I remove the item from my list. (I welcome corrections or 
suggestions for the next iteration of this list: 

The next set of updates to the SHAKSPER web site can be found at the SBReviews 
page: www.shaksper.net/archives/files/reviews.html

Here readers may read or download PDF versions of David Richman's review of 
Margreta de Grazia's _Hamlet without Hamlet_ and-or Eric Langley's review of 
Lesel Dawson's _Lovesickness and Gender in Early Modern English Literature_, 
distributed to SHAKSPER members in July and October of 2009 respectively. Over 
the next few days, I will be distributing four additional reviews in the 
SHAKSPER Book Review Project to subscribers with PDF versions becoming available 
on this page soon afterwards.

Finally, the files of the 2008 Roundtable on "Shakespeare's Intentions" can now 
be found on the SHAKSPER Roundtable page: www.shaksper.net/roundtable/index.html

These files are organized in chronological order, reproducing the exchanges in 
this roundtable as they appeared. In addition to the links to the digests in the 
SHAKSPER archives, anyone who is interested may now download or read online a 
Listing of files in this roundtable and the complete discussion in a single 
large file; both also have links to the archived digests.

Soon, I will be announcing information about purchasing the special edition of 
the journal _STYLE_ derived from this roundtable, an exciting collaboration 
between _STYLE_ and SHAKSPER, guest edited by Professor Cary DiPietro of the 
University of Toronto at Mississauga; in addition, I will be providing a link to 
a longer version of essay that I contributed to this volume.

Eric Luhrs, SHAKSPER's webmaster, has mounted these files and updated these 
pages in preparation for our completely redesigning the SHAKSPER web site: more 
information about this project will be forthcoming. 

Best wishes, 
Hardy M. Cook 
Editor of SHAKSPER <www.shaksper.net>   
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (SHAKSPER) 

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