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From:         James Harriman-Smith <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:         February 3, 2011 5:11:28 PM EST
Subject:      Open Shakespeare Collaborative Annotation Event

[Editor's Note: My apologies for getting this announcement out after the fact. However, I 
send it to put the event in the permanent record of the SHAKSPER archives. -Hardy]

The Open Shakespeare Project is organising an online 'annotation sprint' for this weekend 
(5th-6th February 2011), during which people can come to our website and join us in the 
critical annotation of one of Shakespeare's plays, with the view of publishing the 
finished, annotated text as the first public-domain, multi-edited edition of a work by 

Best wishes,
James Harriman-Smith

'Change Criticism Forever': Open Shakespeare Annotation Sprint

Where: Online, at www.openshakespeare.org
When: Saturday 5th February 11am-6pm GMT
What: the collaborative online annotation of a text by Shakespeare, with a view to 
produce the first ever critically-annotated and public-domain edition of one of his works
More details: http://openshakespeare.org/news
Vote for the play: http://www.doodle.com/6rghbkbyb5tcin3r


Change Criticism Forever - Participate in the Open Shakespeare Annotation Sprint
This weekend we're holding the first Open Shakespeare Annotation Sprint - participate and 
help change criticism forever! We'll be getting together online and in-person to 
collaborate on critically annotating a complete Shakespeare play with all our work 
being open.

All of Shakespeare's texts are, of course, in the public domain, and therefore 
already open. However, most editions of Shakespeare people actually use (and purchase) 
are 'critical' editions, that is texts together with notes and annotations that explain 
or analyze the text, and, for these critical editions no open version yet exists. This 
weekend we're aiming to change that!

Using the annotator tool we now have a way to work collaboratively online to add and 
develop these 'critical' additions and the aim of the sprint is to fully annotate one 
complete play. Anyone can get involved, from lay-Shakespeare-lover to English professor, 
all you'll need is a web-browser and an interest in Bard, and even if you can't make it, 
you can vote right now on which play we should work on!

	*	When: Saturday Feb 5th 2011, 11am-6pm GMT
	*	May extend either side depending on location of participants
	*	May do a second day on Sunday (depending on coffee and enthusiasm)!
	*	Where: online and in-person
	*	E.g. in-person meetup at University of Cambridge English Faculty
	*	Planning etherpad: http://literature.okfnpad.org/annotation-sprint
	*	Please add your name here if you plan to participate so we can coordinate
	*	Facebook event
	*	Event page: http://openshakespeare.org/2011/02/01/announcing-annotation-sprint
	*	Requirements: a standards-compliant web browser (Firefox or Chrome recommended - not IE)
	*	Vote for text to annotate (doodle)

Using specially-designed annotation software we intend to print an edition of Shakespeare 
unlike any other, incorporating glosses, textual notes and other information written by 
anyone able to connect to the website.

Work begins with a full-day annotation sprint on Saturday 5th February, which will take 
online as well as at in-person meetups. Anyone can organize a meetup and we're organizing 
one at University of Cambridge English Faculty (if you'd like to hold your own please 
just add it to the etherpad linked above).

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