The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 22.0058   Wednesday, 23 February 2011

From:         Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:         Wednesday, February 23, 2011      
Subject:      Hiatus: Newly Designed Web Site

Dear SHAKSPEReans,

Well, this will be the last posting from the present set-up for SHAKSPER. Currently, I use L-Soft's 
Listserv software, for which I pay a $700 a year licensing fee, to distribute SHAKSPER digests to the 
1,062 members of this list. The listserv software resides on a server that sits next to the desk in my 
home office where the current SHAKSPER web site resides at the static IP address After the 
change, the new web site will be on another server with another static IP address but will still have the 
same Internet name: www.shaksper.net. As I said in my first message today, SHAKSPER will remain as an e-
mail distribution list; however, instead of being a listserv list it will be a list run from Joomla apps 
built into the design of the new web site. 

I will need to learn how to use these apps and to adapt them to my style and the look-and-feel of the 
digests as they have been over the years to the Joomla tools. The biggest difference involves the new 
design, which will give me greater control and flexibility than the current one. I will be able to have 
control over all of the content on the site. So after I send out one of the SBReviews, for example, I 
will be able to mount a pdf version of that review directly to the web site. There are many other 
features that the new site will have, but on the whole what you will be as subscribers will see is a 
cleaner, more modern-looking site with easier to use features. The archive of the list's twenty-two of 
service will still be available and will remain the important scholarly resource it is.

We owe thanks for this newly designed site to Ron Severdia. Ron has many talents: he is an actor 
<http://rontheactor.com>, the founder of PlayShakespeare.com <http://www.playshakespeare.com/news/3636-
founder-ron-severdia-talks-about-playshakespeare-on-cnn>, the creator of the very best Shakespeare 
iPhone/iPod/iPad app, the co-author of the O'Reilly publication _Using Joomla: Building Powerful and 
Efficient Web Sites_, the accomplished, award-winning web designer, and the creative director of the web 
design company Kontent Design: <http://kontentdesign.com/our-team/ron>.

Eric Luhrs has earned every SHAKSPEReans thanks for designing SHAKSPER's first web presence 
<www.shaksper.net> and for his unflagging technical assistance to all things SHAKSPEReans for many, many 
years. Eric will be assisting in the migration from the old site and software to the new one. 

I ask all subscribers to stop sending or replying to messages using the old addresses until the transfer 
is up and running. In the meantime, you may send me messages at my personal e-mail address 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The change should take around two weeks, maybe even less; however, I will have a 
great deal to learn so bear with me.

My thanks to my colleague of many years, Eric Luhrs, whose contributions behind the scenes are 
innumerable. Also, my thanks to my new colleague Ron Severdia, who will be making this new Joomla site 
possible. SHAKSPER could not have a better designer than Ron. Ron has been after me for years to update 
the way I do things, and it has only been my stubbornness and fears that have held me back. But thank 
goodness Ron and his generosity have prevailed. 

I look forward to the newly designed site and all of the riches it will provide SHAKSPEReans. 

Finally, I must offer my thanks to Ken Steele. Ken Steele was a graduate student at the University of 
Toronto when he came up with the idea of a listserv modeled after HUMANIST that was dedicated to 
discussions of Shakespeare. I was a founding member of SHAKSPER and first assisted Ken and then took over 
from him. But my sincerest thanks to Ken for the idea, which eventually provided me the niche in 
Shakespeare studies that has changed my life and that was so well-suited to my personality.

On a personal note, SHAKSPER has opened many doors for me, made it possible for me to meet and to develop 
professional friendships with scholars whom I had admired from afar.

SHAKPSER has been my love and my joy for some twenty years, and I close this chapter of its history with 
an acknowledgement of my appreciation to all who have been its members over the years and whose 
discussions have enriched my personal and professional life.

Thank you all.

Best wishes,

S H A K S P E R: The Global Shakespeare Discussion List
Hardy M. Cook, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The S H A K S P E R Web Site <http://www.shaksper.net>

DISCLAIMER: Although SHAKSPER is a moderated discussion list, the opinions expressed on it are the sole 
property of the poster, and the editor assumes no responsibility for them.

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