The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 22.0309  Sunday, 20 November 2011


From:         Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Date:         Sunday, November 20, 2011

Subject:      Features of the SHAKSPER Web Site


Today's somewhat edited message from John Andrews about Shakespeare Guild announcements has prompted me to take a moment to highlight some of the features of the new (or relatively new if you insist) SHAKSPER web site at http://shaksper.net.  


The Shakespeare Guild's message is stored in two places on the web site: as a message sent to subscribers and posted at Current Postings (http://shaksper.net/current-postings), a section of the SHAKSPER Archive (http://shaksper.net/archive), and at Announcements (http://shaksper.net/announcements). When we were redesigning the SHAKSPER web site, I wanted to include a separate tab dedicated to announcements. This section is intended for subscribers who recall an announcement of an event, a Call for Papers, a book announcement, a professional meeting, and so on but who do not wish to take the time to search for it in the Archive. The Announcements section is also for those browsing the Internet. Having your announcement sent to SHAKSPER enables it to be displayed in such a manner as to bring attention to it.


I would also like to mention briefly the Scholarly Resources section of the web site; I intend to discuss this section in more detail in the future. Clicking on the Scholarly Resources tab (http://shaksper.net/scholarly-resources) will call up a list of contents in this section. 


The first entry is A Selected Guide to Shakespeare on the Internet (http://shaksper.net/scholarly-resources/shakespeare-on-the-internet); this is my selected guide to Shakespeare-related Internet sources and includes a link to the essay from which the list is derived. The list can be read online with hot links to the resources or can be downloaded for your files. I update this list and check links when I am able and welcome any feedback about links that no longer work or suggests for future inclusions in the list.


The next section is The SBReviews: SHAKSPER Book Reviews page (http://shaksper.net/scholarly-resources/book-reviews) where you may find and download all past SHAKSPER Book Reviews, currently eighteen. On this page you may also find the SHAKSPER Book Review Panel, the peer-review members of the Panel.


The next section of the Scholarly Resources is the SHAKSPER Roundtable Discussions page (http://shaksper.net/scholarly-resources/roundtable-discussions), here you will find the background of how the idea for the Roundtables evolved and the past two SHAKSPER Roundtables (On Presentism and Intentions, the latter being a collaborative project with the journal Style). I also welcome suggestions for future Roundtable and those willing to guest moderate them.


The next section is Scholarly Papers for Comments (http://shaksper.net/scholarly-resources/scholarly-papers-for-comments), a service to SHAKSPER members that makes selected papers or other contribution for which the author would like comments available for a short time on the SHAKSPER server. 


The next section is Library of Essays section (http://shaksper.net/scholarly-resources/library-of-essays), a section that includes previous scholarly papers contributed to the SHAKSPER.


Next is the SHAKSPER Reference Files section (http://shaksper.net/scholarly-resources/reference-files), where visitors can find files from the past on various topics like the once popular Shakespeare Spinoffs file.

The next section Cook’s Tour of Internet Resources for Students and Scholars of the Early Modern Period (http://shaksper.net/scholarly-resources/cooks-tour) houses my occasional tours of Internet resources with my tour of The Shakespeare Quartos Digital Image Collection/Archive (including the Folger Library Collection) and my tour of The Book of Common Prayer (Sarum Missal, 1459, 1552, 1559) resources. Suggestions are welcome.


The final section of the Scholarly Resources tab is Pedagogy: Teaching Resources Used by Hardy M. Cook for Shakespeare Classes (http://shaksper.net/scholarly-resources/pedagogy-teaching-resources), a collection of resources I used during my teaching career, including my Shakespeare PowerPoint presentations.





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