The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 23.003  Monday, 3 January 2012

From:         Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Date:          Tuesday, January 3, 2012     

Subject:      SHAKSPER Web Site Resources


I plan to continue my exploration of SHAKSPER web resources. In November, I surveyed items in the Scholarly Resources tab: http://shaksper.net/current-postings/301-november/28218-features-of-the-shaksper-web-site. In this posting, I also mentioned the Announcement tab in reference to a posting by John Andrews regarding the Shakespeare Guild:


The Shakespeare Guild’s message is stored in two places on the web site: as a message sent to subscribers and posted at Current Postings (http://shaksper.net/current-postings), a section of the SHAKSPER Archive (http://shaksper.net/archive), and at Announcements (http://shaksper.net/announcements). When we were redesigning the SHAKSPER web site, I wanted to include a separate tab dedicated to announcements. This section is intended for subscribers who recall an announcement of an event, a Call for Papers, a book announcement, a professional meeting, and so on but who do not wish to take the time to search for it in the Archive. The Announcements section is also for those browsing the Internet. Having your announcement sent to SHAKSPER enables it to be displayed in such a manner as to bring attention to it.


For now I encourage subscribers and readers to investigate on their own the variety of resources available at the SHAKSPER web site: shaksper.net, under the tabs: Home, About, Scholarly Resources, Archive, Current Postings, and Announcements.


Finally, the last tab, PlayShakespeare, provides information about Ron Severdia’s PlayShakespeare.com. Ron designed the new SHAKSPER web site (see About, SHAKSPER Team: http://shaksper.net/about/team) and hosts SHAKSPER. Both SHAKSPER and PlayShakespeare have their own identities and are independent of each other. At the PlayShakespeare tab, you will find information about PlayShakespeare as well as links to recent news and reviews.




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