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Date:         January 12, 2012 11:59:35 AM EST

Subject:     Reformation, Vol. 16


[Apologies for cross-posting]


I am pleased to announce the publication of Reformation, vol. 16 (2011). The online edition is available now (http://www.equinoxjournals.com/REFORMATION/issue/current), and printed copies will be available shortly.




Reformation 16 (2011)




Paul Dustin Stegner, “Treasonous Reconciliations: Robert Southwell, Religious Polemic, and the Criminalization of Confession”


Kat Lecky, “Milton’s Lydgate: A New Perspective on the Nativity Ode”


Jack Patrick Cunningham, “Changing Fashions: The Coming of Reformation in Iceland”


Sophie Isabella Gray, “Tyndale and the Text in the Heart”


Bracy V. Hill II, “‘Faithful Accounts’?: The Hampton Court Conference and the King James


Bible in Eighteenth-Century Dissenting Histories”


Grace Tiffany, “Shakespeare's Parables”



Review Articles:


Stephen Bowd, “Religious Reform in Sixteenth-Century Italy”


Kenneth Austin, “Jews and Christians in Early Modern Europe”





Matthew Milner, Review of The Reformation of Feeling, by Susan C. Karant-Nunn (Oxford University Press, 2010).


John N. King, Review of The Book in the Renaissance, by Andrew Pettegree (Yale University Press, 2010).


Sylvia Gill, Review of The Senses and the English Reformation, by Matthew Milner (Ashgate, 2011).


Bridget Heal, Review of Ideas and Cultural Margins in Early Modern Germany, ed. Marjorie E. Plummer and Robin B. Barnes (Ashgate, 2009).


Janet Dickinson, Review of Elizabeth I: Translations, ed. Janel Mueller and Joshua Scodel (University of Chicago Press, 2009).


Peter Webster, Review of Music and Society in Early Modern England, by Christopher Marsh (Cambridge University Press, 2010).


Esther Mijers, Review of Women, Religion, and the Atlantic World, 1600–1800, ed. Daniella Kostroun and Lisa Vollendorf (University of Toronto Press, 2009).


Hannibal Hamlin

Associate Professor of English

Editor, Reformation

Co-curator, Manifold Greatness: The Creation and Afterlife of the King James Bible


The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH 43210-1340


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