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Date:         June 16, 2012 1:14:50 AM EDT

Subject:     Bedlam Ensemble MM: KickStarter Request


KickStarter Request:


Bedlam Ensemble Presents Measure for Measure


Bedlam Ensemble is a non-profit organization dedicated to staging theatre works of high artistic integrity. Bedlam aims to nourish an open an artistic community where artists are free to experiment and challenge themselves within the entertainment industry. The ensemble has a commitment to strike a balance between emerging and veteran artists; between the works of new and established playwrights, and revisiting classic pieces of work with a modern twist. Our ensemble nourishes an open and artistic environment that keeps us engaged in our community and proactive in our pursuit of excellence. 


Measure For Measure

Access Theatre

Performances start 7/25/12


Years ago, Vienna was a place where the people were pure and the city was clean and beautiful.  Fast-forward to today and you find a gritty, dark world filled with sex, drugs, and debauchery.  To bring it back to the glory that it once was, the Duke leaves a pure man, Angelo, in charge to right the sexual wrongs he has let slide for so long. Temptation prevails, however, when a smart, beautiful, and outspoken nun touches Angelo and he offers to save her brother’s life only if she will sleep with him. Measure for Measure is a play that explores sex and power and the interplay between the two.


The production’s gritty contemporary New York City setting brings all of Shakespeare’s themes and characters into the present day, reminding viewers of how vital these words still are. This is where you come in.  Without money all we have is ourselves.  We need the funds to buy everything (props, costumes, set pieces) that will bring this story to thrilling life as you’ve never seen it before.


Directed by Samantha Lee Manas

Produced by Michel Chahade and Samantha Jane Williams

Dramaturgy by Rosa Schneider

Scenic Design by Zachary Tomlinson

Costume Design by Samantha Lee Manas

Graphic Design by Dan Streeting


Kimberly Marie Freeman

Damien Gautier

Graydon Gund

Amelia Huckel-Bauer

Ruya Koman

Jeremy Rafal

John E. Sims

Anna Stefanic

Zachary Tomlinson

Katherine Wilhelmi


We are mounting a production of Measure for Measure set in contemporary New York City and have a kickstarter campaign for the show.  We have huge ideas for the production but cannot execute them without the help of our backers: 




Thank you,

Graydon Gund

Associate Producer 

Measure for Measure

Bedlam Ensemble



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