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From:        Nina Green <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Date:         July 15, 2013 5:35:26 PM EDT

Subject:     Terminology 


For what it’s worth, here are two entries from the online edition of The Oxford English Dictionary:


anti-Stratfordian adj.


1940   N. & Q. 179 181/1   *Anti-Stratfordians either do not make themselves acquainted with the facts recently discovered, or, knowing them, give them no place in their arguments concerning the authorship of the plays.


1948   N. & Q. CXCIII. 111/2   We have enjoyed the three latest numbers of Baconiana and an *anti-Stratfordian brochure (from the same source): ‘Was Shakespeare educated?’





 2. A supporter of the view that Shakespeare was the author of the plays generally attributed to him. Also as adj. Cf. Shakespearian adj.   (and n.) b.


1908   G. G. Greenwood Shakespeare Probl. Restated 172   Really, really, there must be some limits even to Stratfordian demands on our credulity!


1908   G. G. Greenwood Shakespeare Probl. Restated 226   The futilities which are gravely trotted out by enthusiastic Stratfordians as valuable evidence to illustrate the life of Shakespere.


1912   A. Lang Shakespeare, Bacon & Great Unknown iv. 81   Mr. Collins, ‘a violent Stratfordian’, overproved his case.


1930   P. Allen Case for Edward de Vere 6, I remained an orthodox Stratfordian until 1923.


1930   P. Allen Case for Edward de Vere 26   All these discoveries and inferences..were fast and firmly establishing the case for Oxford, at the same time that they were destroying utterly the Stratfordian arguments.


1962   Economist 28 July 364/2   His work..made him a ‘convinced Stratfordian’.


Nina Green


[Editor’s Note: May I point out that all of the quotations in support of the term “Stratfordian”, with exception of the Economist that in without context, appear to be quotations from Anti-Shakespeareans. –Hardy]


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