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Date:         December 23, 2013 at 6:27:38 PM EST

Subject:    Early Theatre 16.2 (2013)


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Announcement of Essay Prize Winners for volumes 14 and 15



Procula’s Civic Body and Pilate’s Masculinity Crisis in the York Cycle’s ‘Christ Before Pilate 1: The Dream of Pilate’s Wife'

   Kimberly Fonzo


Aural Space, Sonorous Presence, and the Performance of Christian Community in the Chester Shepherds’ Play 

   Andrew J. Albin


Advertising Status and Legitimacy: or, Why Did Henry VIII’s Queens and Children Patronize Travelling Performers? 

   James H. Forse


Theatre and/as Witchcraft: A Reading of The Late Lancashire Witches (1634) 

   Charlotte Coffin


‘Wanton Females of All Sorts’: Spectatorship in The Antipodes

   Nova Myhill



‘For now hath time made me his numbering clock’: Shakespeare’s Jacquemarts 

   Wendy Beth Hyman


Cupid’s Grand Polititian (1657) 

   David McInnis


Issues in Review

New Approaches to Earlier Tudor Drama

   Contributing Editor: Erin E. Kelly


Introduction: Why Attend to Earlier Tudor Drama

   Erin E. Kelly


John Rastell’s London Stage: Reconstructing Repertory and Collaborative Practice

   Maura Giles-Watson


Ecocritical Heywood and The Play of the Weather

   Jennifer Ailles


New Contexts for Early Tudor Plays: William Briton, an Early Reader of Gorboduc

   Laura Estill


‘To see the Playes of Theatre newe wrought’: Electronic Editions and Early Tudor Drama

   Brett D. Hirsch


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Professor Emeritus, English and Cultural Studies

McMaster University

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