The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 24.0315  Monday, 8 July 2013


From:        Hardy Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Date:         July 8, 2013 12:14:23 PM EDT

Subject:     Inappropriate E-Mails to SHAKSPER Subscribers


On a more serious note, I have learned that some subscribers have been abusing their membership rights and responsibilities by sending unsolicited and unwanted e-mails to other SHAKSPER subscribers with inappropriately phrases such as “invenerate (sic) liars and fools” to describe them for voicing criticisms of anti-Shakespeareans and their beliefs. 


One member wrote me, “In the recent e-mail I was attacked for using the phrase “trustworthy Shakespeareans” (in reference to Maguire & Smith) and offered to look at a lengthy alternative interpretation of the Sonnets. It’s the second time the same person has been pressing his Sonnets interpretation to be read. I refuse to read. Life is too short to waste on petty things.”


The subscriber continued, “There is no such thing as an authorship scholar because there is, objectively, no such thing as an authorship issue. Bored in their own company, anti-Shakespeareans . . . seek new victims to convert. I wish them good luck in their (obviously fruitless) preying but I find it highly annoying to receive e-mails from people I do not know and be challenged to the point of getting impatient so they can go on to call me a close-minded blind believer who refuses to let Jehovah’s enlightening rays in.”


In another e-mail, I was informed: “It seems there are many of them on SHAKSPER list, they know you will not let them expand on their sick theories here, so they hunt people individually.”


I banned discussion of the so-called “authorship question” on SHAKSPER in 1994, if I remember correctly. I also have no patience or tolerance for anti-Shakespeareans. My contribution to the recently published Shakespeare Beyond Doubt (eds. Wells and Edmondson) demonstrates my bona fides in this regard. 


Should anyone receive this sort of e-mail from a SHAKSPER subscriber, please let me know that person’s name and I will send the following warning:



Dear *********:


I have learned that you are sending inappropriate and unsolicited messages to subscribers of SHAKSPER.


I have advised them on possible courses of action, including writing to your Internet provider and explaining your behavior in order to get your email privileges suspended and-or pursuing possible legal recourse.


Should your behavior continue, I will delete your subscription to SHAKSPER and block all access of you to the conference.


This is not a matter for discussion, and should you attempt to do so, I will terminate your membership immediately.




Hardy M Cook, Ph.D.

Editor and Owner of SHAKSPER



If you receive e-mails of a similar nature from someone not subscribed to SHAKSPER, you should block that person’s e-mail address so you will not receive any further e-mails from that address.


I am disappointed that such activities are going on, and I will do everything in my power to stop them.



Hardy M. Cook

Editor of SHAKSPER


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