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From:        Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Date:         Monday, November 26, 2012

Subject:     David Bevington’s As You Like It, Broadview Press/Internet Shakespeare Editions Collaboration


I just received my copy of the first publication in the Broadview Press/Internet Shakespeare Editions collaboration: David Bevington’s edition of As You Like It.


The edition is available at many sellers, including Amazon.


The Broadview Press web site information can be found here:


The following is the publisher’s description:


Both a witty satire of literary cliché and a tender meditation on the varieties of love, As You Like It continues to be one of Shakespeare’s most beloved and widely performed comedies. In the introduction to this new edition, David Bevington traces the complex relationships between the characters in the play, and explores the history of its criticism from Samuel Johnson to the twenty-first century.


As part of the newly launched Broadview Press / Internet Shakespeare Editions series, this edition features a variety of interleaved materials—from facsimile pages, diagrams, and musical scores to illustrations and extended discussions of myth and folklore—that provide a context for the social and cultural allusions in the play. Appendices offer excerpts from Shakespeare’s key sources and influences, including Thomas Lodge’s Rosalind and Ben Jonson’s Every Man in His Humor.


A collaboration between Broadview Press and the Internet Shakespeare Editions project at the University of Victoria, the editions developed for this series have been comprehensively annotated and draw on the authoritative texts newly edited for the ISE. This innovative series allows readers to access extensive and reliable online resources linked to the print edition.


As You Like It

A Broadview Internet Shakespeare Edition

Written by: William Shakespeare

Edited by: David Bevington

Publication Date: July 13, 2012


ISBN: 9781554810529 / 1554810523

CDN & US $12.95


The print edition is intended for the college classroom and should be viewed in coordination with The Internet Shakespeare Editions, which can be found here: 


The ISE’s site contains a wealth of supplementary materials, including facsimiles and performances:


Editor’s introduction

  • As You Like It: Introduction
  • As You Like It: Critical Reception
  • As You Like It: Performance History
  • As You Like It: Textual Introduction
  • As You Like It: Chronology
  • As You Like It: Bibliography


Texts of this edition

  • As You Like It: List of Characters
  • As You Like It (Modern)
  • As You Like It (Folio 1, 1623)


Supplementary and related materials

  • Everyman In His Humor (Modern), Ben Jonson
  • Galathea (Modern), John Lyly
  • Rosalind: Euphues' Golden Legacy, Thomas Lodge
  • Euphues (A Selection), John Lyly
  • The Tale of Gamelyn, Anonymous
  • Robin Hood and the Beggar, Anonymous
  • The Marriage Service, Thomas Cranmer
  • Myths in As You Like It, David Bevington


Statistics about the text 
Explore the character scrolls as used by Shakespeare's actors, find out which actors appear in each scene, and more.



  • First Folio (1623) from State Library of New South Wales
  • First Folio (1623) from Brandeis University Library
  • Second Folio (1632) from State Library of New South Wales
  • Third Folio (1664) from State Library of New South Wales
  • Fourth Folio (1685) from State Library of New South Wales



  • As You Like It (2012, Atlanta Shakespeare Company, USA)
  • Philaster, or Love Lies a-Bleeding (2012, American Shakespeare Center, USA)
  • As You Like It (2011, Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss, Germany)
  • As You Like It (2011, Muse of Fire Theatre Company, USA)
  • Ahogy Tetszik Wie Es Euch Gefallt (2010, Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss, Germany)
  • As You Like It (2010, American Shakespeare Center, USA)
  • As You Like It (2009, Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre, Canada)
  • As You Like It (2008, St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, Canada)
  • As You Like It (2008, The Bell Shakespeare Company, Australia)
  • As You Like It (2008, Oxford Triptych Theatre, UK)
  • As You Like It (2007, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
  • As You Like It (2007, British Shakespeare Company, International)
  • As You Like It (2007, Shakespeare by the Sea - Sydney, Australia)
  • Revelers Showcase (2007, St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, Canada)
  • As You Like It (2006, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, USA)
  • As You Like It (2006, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, USA)
  • As You Like It (2006, Kenneth Branagh, International)
  • As You Like It (2006, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
  • Wie es euch gefällt (2006, Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss, Germany)
  • As You Like It (2005, Bard on the Beach, Canada)
  • 116 more performances…


Performance materials

  • audio artifacts (5 artifacts)
  • costume design artifacts (1 collection, 1 artifact)
  • flyer artifacts (4 artifacts)
  • graphic artifacts (1 artifact)
  • illustration artifacts (3 artifacts)
  • magazine artifacts (7 collections)
  • newsletter artifacts (2 collections)
  • page artifacts (1 artifact)
  • pamphlet artifacts (10 collections, 7 artifacts)
  • photograph artifacts (17 artifacts)
  • playbill artifacts (2 artifacts)
  • postcard artifacts (3 collections, 1 artifact)
  • poster artifacts (11 artifacts)
  • press clipping artifacts (2 artifacts)
  • press release artifacts (5 collections, 2 artifacts)
  • production notes artifacts (1 collection, 1 artifact)
  • production still artifacts (206 artifacts)
  • program artifacts (32 collections)
  • prompt book artifacts (1 collection)
  • review artifacts (10 collections, 34 artifacts)
  • script artifacts (1 artifact)


[Editor’s Note: I am both a member of the Editorial Board and an editor of the Internet Shakespeare Editions. –Hardy M. Cook]

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