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From:        Asian Shakespeare Association <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Date:         January 4, 2013 8:31:09 PM EST

Subject:     Invitation to Join the Asian Shakespeare Association


Call for Participation


Help us found the Asian Shakespeare Association [].


Asia has affected the studies and performances of Shakespeare in Asia and around the world. This calls for a collective effort—increasing exchanges and collaborations among Asian Shakespeareans and between Asia and the rest of the world. But given the vastness and diversity of Asia, the richness of its scholarship and theatres, we can, should, and must do more. The time has come to establish a formal association: a non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to researching, producing, teaching, translating, and promoting Shakespeare from an Asian perspective.


A draft constitution has been created. The next step is to recruit more participants and to elect an executive committee through an online vote. More detail about membership, governance, conferences and other matters will be discussed in the executive committee when it is formed.


If you support the idea, please sign up. Online registration opens on 1 January 2013.


If you register before 31 January 2013, you can log in to nominate candidates for the executive committee. The nomination will close after 31 January 2013. Online election for committee members will open on 1 February and close on 28 February 2013.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.


We look forward to your participation. Please also help to spread the word in your community.


Asian Shakespeare Association Foundational Members

Abad, Ricardo (Philippines)

Al-Dabbagh, Abdulla (United Arab Emirates)

Atienza, Michaela (Philippines)

Billings, Timothy James (United States)

Burt, Richard (United States)

Chakravarti, Paromita (India)

Chaudhuri, Sukanta (India)

Chaudhury, Sarbani (India)

Cheng, Chaoxiang (China)

Chopra, Vikram (India)

Gleckman, Jason (Hong Kong)

Han, Younglim (Korea)

Ho, Elaine (Hong Kong)

Huang, Alexander C. Y. (United States)

Ick, Judy Celine (Philippines)

Jimenez, Florianne (Philippines)

Kim, Kang (Korea)

Lamb, Julian (Hong Kong)

Lee, Hyon-u (Korea)

Lei, Bi-qi Beatrice (Taiwan)

Li, Ruru (United Kingdom)

Lim, Swee Huat Walter (Singapore)

Low binti Abdullah, Nurul Farhana (Malaysia)

Lu, Po-Shen (Taiwan)

Luo, Yimin (China)

Minami, Ryuta (Japan)

Motohashi, Ted (Japan)

Mukherjee, Shreyosi (Singapore)

Perng, Ching-Hsi (Taiwan)

Suematsu, Michiko (Japan)

Tierney, Robert (United States)

Trivedi, Poonam (India)

Tsoi, Sik Cheong Hardy (Hong Kong)

Ueda, Kuniyoshi Munakata (Japan)

Wong, Katrine (Macau)

Wu, Hsing-kuo (Taiwan)

Yang, Gary Lingui (China)

Yoshihara, Yukari (Japan)

Zhang, Chong (China)

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