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From:        William Junker <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Date:         January 29, 2013 2:22:02 PM EST

Subject:     Q: Common Liar: An Essay on Antony and Cleopatra


Hello All,


Does anybody know what is up with the late Janet Adelman’s 1973 classic Common Liar: An Essay on Antony and Cleopatra? Published originally by Yale in 1973, and then by UMI Books On Demand (the reprint I found was published in 2000), the book is pretty much impossible to find. It no longer appears on UMI’s list of titles. Used copies run upwards of $500.  And yet it remains the best piece of writing on the play in existence, and continues (deservedly) to be cited in every recent study I’ve seen. I wonder if anybody knows who has the rights currently to the book, and whether there are plans to print another addition. Or should I just steal a copy from my library and pay the $50 lost book fee? That’s, like, 90% off the market value!  



[Editor’s Note: I was honored to find that a line a wrote in a review of Adelman’s Suffocating Mothers (The Shakespeare Newsletter. 42 (Summer 1992): 29-30) appeared in Adelman’s obituary at the Berkeley web site: “In ‘Suffocating Mothers,’ Adelman compels us to look into the psychic recesses of Shakespeare’s characters, of Shakespeare himself as far as his personality can be recovered through his works, and of ourselves.” –Hardy]


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